I really need to upload my art/photography soon

sorry for the wait guys :X

I cried.

bryan-85 asked:
what type of music do you sing?

Ehh… I really don’t have a favorite thing to sing… favorite artists are p!nk and Adele.

That’s the problem with people who never drink…


When they do finally get drunk, that’s alllllllll they can talk about the next day.

a-penny-for-euphoria-deactivate asked:
Hey where are you from? :3

I am from a little town called wimauma. Its about 30 miles south east of Tampa.

erikolsonphoto asked:
You will be majorly addicted to Tumblr. :) And i like the few photos you have posted. I am a photographer as well. What do you shoot with?

Literally whatever happens to be in my hands at the time. The majority of what’s on here was taken and edited with a phone. But I also shoot with a Canon T2i. (Usually with a 50mm 1.8)

Anonymous asked:
do you have any music posted?

not yet! but I’m going to get to all that soon

I have a few music videos ive filmed also that i will be posting